10 Witzige Sprüche für Geburtstagskarten mit Knete-Geschenk

10 funny sayings for birthday cards with a plasticine gift

10 funny sayings for birthday cards with a plasticine gift

Hello Slime and Knete fans! You don't just want our handmade to your birthday child Oh Give, but also add a cool, homemade birthday card? Well then, you've come to the right place! We have 10 funny sayings for birthday cards that make your gravel gift even cool.

Knette humor: Laughter is the best medicine

  1. "Happy birthday! With this plasticine you can just shape your own wishes yourself!"
  2. "Happy Birthday! With this plasticine you are the real 'Kneticus' among the artists!"
  3. "Birthdays are like plasticine, it depends on what you make of it!"
  4. "Happy Knete-Day! Today you can knead what it takes!"
  5. "I give you kneading for your birthday. You can afford everything ... at least in your imagination!"

Creative birthday spirit:

  1. "Happy Birthday! If life gives you lemons, just knew a lemonade!"
  2. "For your birthday: Knette to play because you are never too old for it!"
  3. "Have fun getting older ... and kneading! Both form character!"
  4. "Congratulations! With this Plasticine Are you just a squeeze away from your next masterpiece! "

The ultimate grade philosophy: profound and fun at the same time

  1. "Birthdays and plasticine have one thing in common: sometimes it's a bit tough, but mostly just colorful and great!"

You have it, people! Choose your favorite saying and let your creativity run free. Our Oh is the perfect gift to make your birthday wishes even more individual and more fun.

Until the next knucky adventure!

Your Slimeslime team

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